In Turkey, electric energy consumption for 2017 is 294,9 billion kwh by increasing 5,6 % compared to previous year, and electric production is 295,5 billion kwh by increasing 7,7 % compared to previous year.

Based on 2023 scenario, electric consumption is expected to be 385 twh with annual average 4.8 % increase.  in 2017, there was a 6.703 mw increase in total installed electric power, our installed power reached to 85.200 mw at the end of 2017.

Energy need of the world and turkey will be met by renewable energy and natural gas in the near future.

Turkey, thanks to its geographical location, has lots of source potential such as high solar power, wind power, hydraulic power.

In our country, energy operations are supported by great opportunities for increasing the production and capacity.

As golden step a.ş., if we should talk about a growing potential with renewable energy in the future, we are continuing to make our customers to make profitable investments and make their dreams real.


36 % of turkey lands are arable. and variety in climate and soul caused variety of product types grown.

in Turkey;

* one of 4 employed people relates in agriculture.
* revenue from agricultural production is 62 billion dollars.
*agriculture is used as raw material and also forms the source of industrial production.
* agricultural products are imported and exported.
* export is 15 billion dollars which is 13.2 % of the budget.

Turkey’s future target is to increase economical revenue of agriculture industry to 150 billion dollars. to increase export in agriculture to 30 billion dollars is aimed. therefore it is aimed that, with developing of agriculture based industry, development and economic stabilization is provided.

Interest in agriculture is increased in turkey day by day. with developing of science and technology, increasing in mechanisation, by supporting of tax systems with stimulus packages and developing agricultural plants, protecting farmers’ rights improve and develop agriculture.

At the results of these, investments on agriculture are increased day by day and revenue level is increased.

Especially in mediterranean region, there are very much agricultural activities and banana and avocado in this region meet almost whole consumption need of our country.

Recently, investments for production of these two fruits which don’t have alternatives are increased quickly.

To make its customers to utilise these increasing and continuing investment opportunities, golden step continues to offer great opportunities and make new projects.

Stock Animal Farming

Turkey, thanks to its climate and geographical location, has a big share in livestock in the world.

Highest meat is provided from beef, highest milk from cow.

In turkey there are lots of livestock activities such as cattle farming, ovine breeding, beekeeping, poultry keeping, fishing.

In accordance with turkish statistical institute, as of date of 2017, provinces have the most intensive production depending on livestock type are as follows.

*silk worm /diyarbakır
* poultry / manisa
*angora goat/ankara
*hair goat/mersin

To meet consumption need of our country, to prevent import, manufacturer and investors are supported very highly.

Golden Step continues to work to provide its customers to make the most profitable investment.


Our Country takes its place amongst the leading countries of the world from the angle of historical riches and natural beauties. Having of various climate, geographical formations and flora of Turkey increases the tourism potential.

The tourism sector in our country has widely covered a lot of ground with the facilities, provided to the investors, the government supports, given to the tourism sector and tourism activities in the last 10 years. During the recent years, the number of visitors reached over 40 million and this number continues increasingly every year.

Our country is in the favourite position of the investors with its underground riches, thermal resources, historical values, unique nature and seas.
Golden step continues its works to present the most attractive opportunity and to create added value to its customers, particularly in the region of Antalya, Alanya, which are the pearl of Mediterranean and neighbour cities in the areas, such as making investment to veiling tourism and touristic facilities, that appeal to Middle East market.


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